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Barbara Wendelken Publicly appointed and sworn appraiser for horses and alpacas - Court consultant - Certified Mediator - Systemic Coach

Barbara Wendelken

Next to the horses on the international racing circuit, recreational mounts have also become so strongly established, that I have been publicly sworn and appointed as an equine appraiser on behalf of the German Horse Breeding Association for all other foreign breeds, e.g. Galopins, French Trotter, Quarter- and Icelandic horses etc.

Recently I have also been publicly appointed and sworn in for breeding and keeping including evaluation of alpacas.

The public order and swearing-in of an accredited appraiser means an above average, outstanding qualification in this sector, absolute impartiality and autonomy, as well as the safety and guarantee that the work will meet up to the highest expectations demanded.

I would be pleased to assist any cases in which my appraisal services may be required.

Publicly appointed and sworn appraiser for horses and aplacas, horse breeding and horse management, including assesment (certified by the LWK, Hannover)

What can i do for you

Publicly appointed and sworn appraiser for horses and alpacas, horse breeding and horse management, including assesment (certified by the LWK, Niedersachsen)


  • Compilation of a value analysis – calculation of the value of the subjects horses and aplpacas before or after damages.
  • Assessment of equine assets by divorce, bankruptcy proceedings etc.
  • Evaluation of the liability quota in case of damages.
  • Evaluation and calculation of the pros and cons of new riding establishments or new business ventures.


  • Consultation in matters of horse and alpaca care, handling and feeding..
  • Consultation in breeding matters, breeding appraisals and pedigree assessment.
  • Consultation services when buying and selling horses/alpacas..
  • Cosultation in the establishment of riding centres, arena planning, position of the boxes (location, size, lighting etc.), outdoor locations, ground surface etc.
  • Analysis of current horse markets and their effects.

Coaching, Mediation and Training

  • Assistance in horse riding, by Dressage and jumping, partially in correctional training for problem horses with lessons for horse and rider.
  • Trainings und further educations in the scope of horse husbandry
  • A modern equestrian center is available
  • Mediation
  • Coaching

Member of

  • BVS (German Federal Association of Appraisers)
  • HLBS (Head Association of Agricultural Accountants)
  • SVK Sachverständigen-Kuratorium
  • DQHA Deutsche Quarter Horse Association
  • Bundesverband der vereidigten Pferdesachverständigen in Deutschland e.V


The reason why conflicts mostly extending endlessly: because people never learned to see with someone else’s eyes, to hear with someone else’s ears and to feel with someone else’s heart.

Conflicts are an integral part of a social coexistence. Quite often conflicts are apprehended as fighting situations which have to be achieved. Hence the inner conflict dynamics develop and any peaceful, constructive and non-violent regulation gets impossible.

Mediation is a process of conflict resolution and is applied in a wide range of fields. As a fair minded third person, I mediate in cases of conflict, which have to be accepted from both sides, to aim the goal of a win-win-situation.

I am helping those who are struggling in finding a solution of their problems and also in clarifying the interests of the disputing parties. It is my aim to reach an agreement which will be signed and implemented by both sides.

I am not interested in any certain result of the conflict. For this purpose I remain absolutely neutral and fair minded. It goes without saying that everything what comes to speech is absolutely confidential. This is also part of the oath I have accomplished as a German Appraiser.

There won’t be any assessment, nor any judgment, and I will never give any legal advice.


Coaching is a structured form of handling problems. It is about ascertaining an arrangement which is advantageous for everybody. Coaching is a reliable method for the purpose of finding in common, a solution to the problems successfully. Those arise mostly from non-acceptance of a different point of view.

The aim of coaching is to increase everybody’s self-perception, their reflection, the strengthening of their consciousness and their self-responsibility.

In my understanding of coaching, I accompany my clients in a positive-critically way.

As their reflector I try to explain backgrounds as well as things in context to help my clients in finding their own best solution.



Barbara Wendelken
ö.b.v. Sachverständige für Pferde und Alpakas, Zucht und Haltung, inkl. Bewertung

Danziger Straße 2a, 28865 Lilienthal, Germany

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